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A martial arts based curriculum designed to be fun and enriching for children between the ages of 4 - 6.  Children in this program will be introduced to concepts of focus, teamwork, control, balance, memory, discipline, fitness and coordination, all in an encouraging and safe environment.





A hybrid martial arts curriculum utilizing techniques from Karate, Kickboxing and Jiu-Jitsu. This program is designed to be instructed to children between the ages of 6-12.  This program is similar to the Little Ninja's program but children learn a wider variety of skills and will progress at their own rate through a prescribed ranking system.  





A Jiu-Jitsu based curriculum for children ages 6 - 12. The BullyProof program has three objectives:  Boost Confidence, Increase Awareness and Be Ready. Bullies are less likely to target self-confident children. We instill confidence by teaching techniques that will neutralize the attack of a larger opponent. Harassment from bullies can be physical or verbal and delivered at various intensity levels. The curriculum focuses on teaching your child to recognize and respond to the most common physical and verbal bully behaviors. 





Gracie or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is the worlds most effective and complete method of self defense.  It is a grappling art with emphasis on leverage, weight distribution and posture over that of size or strength. The confidence and fitness found in Jiu-Jitsu will not simply stay on the mat. Practitioners can expect to see the profound impact that BJJ will have in their lives as they take on the challenge of growth through self discipline, determination, and self discovery.



Judo translates to “gentle way”. Meaning, you use the opponents weight and balance against them rather then forcing them in a direction. It is a sport, martial art and self defense that can be played by men and women of any physical background. Judo is considered a grappling sport and utilizes throws or “flips” to bring your opponent to the ground. On the ground Judo participants learn techniques such as holds, joint locks and chokes to subdue the opponent. Judo teaches it’s participants the use of maximum efficiency with a minimum of effort by using the opponents weight, balance and momentum against themselves.





A martial arts based curriculum geared towards students aged 13 years and older. Adult combatives combines boxing, kickboxing, and Thai boxing in a fast paced, hard hitting class. Participants can be guaranteed a work out to remember. Though non-competitive in its approach, students interested in competition will have the opportunity to seek glory inside the ropes.




A Hybrid martial arts curriculum utilizing techniques from Karate, Kickboxing and Jiu-Jitsu. This program is designed towards students aged 13 years and older. This is the program that the Foley Family has been training and expanding on since 1978. Adult members who are looking for a great workout, practical self defence skills and a touch of traditional martial arts are welcome in this program.





A non-competitive program designed for women only that integrates boxing, kickboxing and Thai boxing. Along with the martial arts element, heavy emphasis is placed on fitness through resistance and interval training, cardiovascular and muscular endurance, bodyweight conditioning and much more. Participants can expect to tone up, shed a few pounds and become fit as a fighter without the contact. 



This is HIIT training at it's best. We utilize weight training, body weight exercise, agility ladders, kettle bells, battle ropes and much more in these group fitness classes. Classes are structured to allow for a variety of different work out styles to keep your body guessing. Members can expect a workout to remember each and every time they step onto the training floor!


1800 Sq ft of padded training floor using the best Martial Arts safety flooring available: 2" Zebra MMA Pro Mats!

48' Padded Training Wall

6 Wall Mounted professional Heavy bags

8 Floor Wavemaster XXL Heavy Bags 

400 Sq Ft. Private Members only gym: 1-100 lb dumbbells, Squat rack with various benches and Barbells, 600 lbs of Bumper Plates, 600 lbs steel plate weights, Leg Press/Hack Squat Machine, Element Fitness Functional Trainer, 12lb-80lb Kettlebells, Slam Balls, Medicine Balls, Assault Bike, Xtreme Monkey Plyo Boxes, Battle Ropes, Hurdles, Xtreme Monkey Fitness Sled and various other accessories.

Heated Floors and High Powered Air Exchanger.



PRIVATE sesssion: For individuals who do not wish to partake in a group setting, those looking for a custom workout or students who need that little extra one on one instruction. The cost is $60 for one hour.

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