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Jason Foley's Academy of Martial Arts

1800 Sq ft of padded training floor using the best Martial Arts safety flooring available: 2" Zebra MMA Pro Mats!

48' Padded Training Wall

6 Wall Mounted professional Heavy bags

8 Floor Wavemaster XXL Heavy Bags 

400 Sq Ft. Private Members only gym: 1-100 lb dumbbells, Squat rack with various benches and Barbells, 600 lbs of Bumper Plates, 600 lbs steel plate weights, Leg Press/Hack Squat Machine, Element Fitness Functional Trainer, 12lb-80lb Kettlebells, Slam Balls, Medicine Balls, Assault Bike, Xtreme Monkey Plyo Boxes, Battle Ropes, Hurdles, Xtreme Monkey Fitness Sled and various other accessories.

Heated Floors and High Powered Air Exchanger.

16 Hops St. Unit 104, A1W 0E8 Conception Bay South, Canada

Just off of Fowlers Road, seconds from the overpass! 

GPS: 47 30 20 N 52 55 19 W

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